IOD’s Board address

Dear partner,
Dear reader,

Thank you for visiting our organization’s website.
We are thinking of promoting effective governance, doing so in a new way and in the way that was justified in the world.

Our goal is:
1) to contribute to the establishment of Armenian companies’ Board of Directors as their governing bodies and improve their productivity,
2) to assist directors in adding value to their organizations by increasing the effectiveness of the board and board committees
3) to contribute to the improvement of professionalism, experience and status of directors in Armenia.

Emphasizing all the above and aiming for coordinated implementation of the setup process, by the end of 2014, several initiators, supported by the International Finance Corporation, which is part of the World Bank group, created the Armenian Institute of Directors. Such structures are recently created and operate in a number of developed and developing countries.

The institute in the filed of effective corporate governance takes on the role of an “intellectual leader” that will serve to Armenia’s economic development and prosperity of Armenian society.
The vision of the Institute is to become a recognized leading organization of professional directors on national, regional and international levels. Why not? History has shown that Armenians can be strong and in a number of cases – distinguished.

We invite specialists in Armenia and Diaspora to cooperate in achieving this vision, and obviously we will achieve it easier when together. We are sure that ahead of us is strong Armenia, which will ensure the well being of our society and contribute to the resolution of regional problems. Sometimes economics does more than diplomacy, in any case complements it.

Who is a Director?