Education, training, awareness events
The Institute is an organization with an educational mission,  carries out educational, awareness-raising activities that include organization of trainings, training courses, seminars, round tables, workshops, conferences and other events.
The Institute organizes an educational mission,  carries out educational, awareness-raising activities as part of its mission and goals independently, as well as in collaboration with other organizations.
The Institute educational, awareness-raising events can be organized as for the specific group of people (executive and non-executive directors, corporate secretaries, compliance personnel, lawyers, etc.) and have thematic nature.
The educational, awareness-raising events and trainings are provided with national and international experts.
A source for the educational programs of the Institute is Global Corporate Governance Forum Board Leadership Training Resource Kit, Corporate Secretaries Toolkit, as well as  literature and materials on corporate governance published by IFC.
The Training and Education Committee on a regular basis explores the needs of stakeholders, in order to organize and hold thematic events of their interest. The Training and Education Committee follows the offers of  training courses and educational programs of  international organizations, in order to harmonize them with the educational programs and training courses of the Institute.
The institute  plans to introduce a directors certification system in 2017 through the development of appropriate educational programs and examinations, as well as mechanisms to ensure the continuing education of its members.


Policy and Advocacy
The institute plans to secure its direct involvement in the processing of Armenia’s economic development policy, its discussions and modifications. The Institute sees its role in this area as follows: to contribute of solving the problems inherent in the economic and business environment, through cooperation with the competent authorities and to submit recommendations. The Institute’s website will serve to identity common problems of the members
of the Institute and ways of their solution, where the forum will be a platform of discovery, discussion of issues, submission of proposals and for raising public awareness.The Institute plans to process and publish a quarterly newsletter, which will serve to provide a modern and up-to- date information about corporate
governance mechanisms and its possible changes to the members of the Institute.


Advisory Services, Research and Publications
The Institute can direct its members to solve possible problems if necessary. The Institute plans to provide this service from 2017 and encourages voluntary contributions of its members. The Institute pays special attention to implementation of scientific, research and analytical programs. As a separate direction of activity is considered the preparation and publication of the professional literature, as well as the corporate documents of the companies, the translation and publication of international corporate governance standards.
The Institute can also consider providing professional/expert opinion about corporate governance issues in courts.

Who is a Director?